To see human suffering on our doorstep is unacceptable in today's Europe.

This is why we act. This is why we work.

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Poverty, war, persecution. Displacement is caused by many factors - and demands a high price. Most refugees lose everything in the process.

We want to make sure that refugees, at the very least, can live in dignified conditions. Even in these exceptional circumstances.

Based on this belief, we established the Watershed Foundation in 2017 and have since been aiding people on the move all over Europe.

Discover what we do

Our Mission

Water & Sanitation Facilities

We focus on practical water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for refugees.

Our Mission


We focus on helping to provide adequate and dignified accommodation for displaced people.

Our Mission

High demand first

We focus on working in places with the greatest need and prioritise projects where we can achieve the highest benefit for the maximum number of people.

Our Mission

Technical Support

We provide practical, technical and engineering support for other organisations working with displaced people.

Our Mission

Fundraising & Finance

We act as an implementation partner for other organisations and, through our own fundraising, finance independent projects for displaced people.

Our Mission

Work with Volunteers

We offer a supportive environment in which long-term volunteers can develop their individual skills, simultaneously facilitating continuity in our projects.

Using our skills for humanity.

We are a team of volunteers and employees from all over Europe.

The team consists of engineers, technicians, and professionals from diverse trades with experience in our disciplines.

Consequently, all projects that we start deliver results. We don't just help. We offer professionalism, sustainability, and know-how.

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"As a global society, we have the technology, resources and the know-how to make a massive difference to living standards everywhere, including for refugees."

António Guterres
UN Secretary General and former High Commissioner for Refugees

Our story

It all started in Thessaloniki in 2016. In the face of a freezing winter, we built wooden floors under tents and made urgent repairs to heating and electrical systems.

We grew into a strong team and in March 2017 we made the decision to found our own aid organisation.


During our first projects in Thessaloniki the idea for our organization developed amongst friends who simply wanted to help.


We founded the Watershed Foundation, with an aim of helping even more people in the future. A second project in Serbia followed - and a third back in Greece.


Although it was originally intended as a 3-months project, we decided to stay in Moria and are still here to this day.


We founded Watershed Greece, a local NGO that supports our operations. Our foundation continued to grow: We hired our first employees and further developed our professional structures.


There can never be enough help for refugees. We are planning to expand our work to further refugee camps.

We're helping refugees. And you can help too!

Refugees risk losing everything. Let's work together to make sure a little bit of dignity is returned to them.

How can you support us? With your time, money - or by sharing our story to others.

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