Water, sanitation and shelter for people in need.

A minimum standard of dignity for refugees.

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People fleeing war and prosecution arrive in Europe to find themselves living in adverse conditions.

Everyday activities, that we consider simple and self-evident, become challenging hurdles in a refugee camp./ The simplicity of everyday activities, that we take for granted at home, become challenging hurdles in a refugee camp.

We want to change that. That is why we provide clean water, sanitary wash facilities and safe shelter.

Doing so in places where it is most needed and based on international standards.

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»All people have the right to safe drinking water, sanitation, shelter and basic services.«

Ban Ki-moon
Ehemaliger UN Generalsekretär

Some of our projects

2017 | The Barracks, Serbia

In city-centre Belgrade, between 700 and 1200 refugees were living in disused warehouses in inhumane conditions; no water for washing and no toilets.

After a quick needs assessment we decided to help those living in the so-called 'Barracks.'

For a minimum standard of hygiene we installed sinks and 15 portable toilets as quickly as possible. Download the project report

Some of our projects

2017 | Sombor, Serbia

Families living in Sombor camp were accommodated in two houses with integrated sanitation facilities, whilst 200 men were living in tents.

In just three weeks on site we repaired bathrooms, cleaned the toilet container and improved the shower container.

We even fixed the damaged swings and roundabout on the playground for the children in camp.

Download the project report

Some of our projects

2018 | Moria Camp, Greece

Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria – and a serious health threat in many refugee camps.

To overcome this issue, we created our own ‘WASH pads’: custom-made water access points designed for laundry and dish washing, personal hygiene and access to drinking water, with constant drainage.

In this manner we installed 16 ‘WASH pads’ in Moria, in addition to four outdoor showers and two sinks.

Download the project report

Some of our projects

2019 | Moria Camp, Greece

There has also been much to do in Moria in 2019. We used some vacant space next to an existing 'WASH container' to build an entirely new 'WASH station'.

We utilised the 50 square metres to create two new ‘WASH containers’ as well as a 'WASH pad' for household tasks and chores.

Download the project report

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