Restoring some dignity to those who risk losing everything.


additional water points installed


metres of water supply pipes laid


metres of sewage pipes laid


water boilers repaired

We make sure that refugees have access to clean water.

Water is life. Clean water is vital to live without illness. However, in many places this basic human right is not guaranteed.

We install sinks and taps that offer a clean water supply and adequate drainage.

Beyond that, we construct showers and wash areas to do laundry and wash dishes.


We install, repair and maintain sanitation facilities.

Nowadays, clean toilets are a given. In refugee camps, already a functional toilet is an exception.

We are giving back a piece of normality.

With pragmatic approach: When something breaks, we fix it. When something is dirty, we clean it. And when there are no sanitation facilities to be found, we build them.


WASH containers installed (with partners)


WASH containers refurbished


additional toilets made available (with partners)


additional showers made available (with partners)

We ensure that a shelter lives up to its name.

We don't build living spaces, but we do make sure that existing accommodation is made acceptable and durable: By providing warmth and electricity - protection from wind and weather.


roofs for containers built


lamps installed


metres of electric cables made available


square metres of tarps installed

Sustainable help with a plan

We don't do what we do just like that. We want our work to align with international standards.

With that in mind, we use the WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) standards of the World Health Organisation and the Sphere Handbook as guidelines.

We're helping refugees. And you can help too!

Refugees risk losing everything. Let's work together to make sure a little bit of dignity is returned to them.

How can you support us? With your time, money - or by sharing our story to others.

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