During the month of August the situation in Serbia stayed relatively calm, also due to the pleasant weather conditions. Our team used this for a short summer break and, together with MSF (Médicins Sans Frontières), for a general assessment of the living conditions within other refugee camps all over Serbia. As a result we identified three other camps where our help was needed. Our focus first shifted to the camp in Sombor, which is located in the north of Serbia, close to the Hungarian and Croatian border. In Sombor families are housed in two buildings with sanitation facilities whilst up to 200 single men are living in one large rubb hall equipped only with sanitation containers. Only minor repairs were needed inside the buildings, but the shower containers were practically unusable and the toilette container in an extremely bad condition.Overall we spent three weeks in Sombor, in which we repaired the bathrooms inside, cleaned the toilette container and completely refurbished and enhanced the three shower containers. While we were working there, our attention was drawn to a damaged playground and we quickly decided to repair the swing and roundabout for the kids. The smile on their faces was definitely the highlight of our work in Sombor. Additionally we undertook some repairs in all of the eight bathrooms in the camp in Pirot, including the exchange of broken taps, sinks and shower heads. We thank our supporters and our partner Help Refugees for their continious support that enables us to do our work.

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